Human Performance Conference

The biggest evidence based fitness event of Europe. World class researchers, coaches and personal trainers in a unique 2-day experience in Amsterdam.

Lectures from Menno Henselmans, Mike Israetel and Danny Lennon are now available for download.

Awesome weekend at the Human Performance Conference. Getting to meet and talk to your personal heroes, meet new people that share the same passion, gaining tons of insights and knowledge and learning lots of new stuff makes me feel blessed. 


Elian Goettsch


I had a great time during the HPC. Great international speakers, most interesting topics, good atmosphere and network possibilities.

I'm looking forward to the next HPC and recommend the HPC to everyone who works or is interested in strength training, nutrition and mindset.


Barbara Potter


What an inspiring two days! This is definitely the go-to event for every professional in the game that wants to learn to do that which is best for their clients. Compliments for the great organisation. I'll be there next time for sure.


Kevin van Elswijck

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Recap of 2018

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Get access to the full lectures from the Human Performance Conference 2018

In this lecture, you’ll learn what makes an exercise effective based on systematic and scientific criteria.

  • 8 Principles of exercise selection 
  • Application of the principles of exercise selection
  • Exercise variety
  • Muscle group application for program design

In this lecture, you’ll learn how to optimize your programming fundamentals to design an optimal program.

  • How muscle grows
  • Training intensity & application
  • Training volume & application
  • Training frequency & application

learn what the components of a successful peak week are and how to properly apply these peaking strategies for maximum effect.

  • Glycogen depletion
  • Carbohydrate loading
  • Dehydration
  • Pumping up

Learn what principles underlie the critical thinking & argumentation process and how to apply this to improve your argumentation skills.

  • Principles of critical thinking & argumentation
  • Understanding & identification
  • Establishing common ground
  • Exposing disagreement

In this lecture, you’ll learn how to assess your volume landmarks and how to adjust volume for constant progression and maximum results.

  • Volume landmark basics
  • Auto-regulation basics
  • Stimulus & fatigue in a mesocycle
  • Considerations for volume adjustments

In this lecture, you’ll learn what the fundamental constructs of the adherence process are and how to apply them for maximum results.

  • The six constructs of adherence
  • Unlocking passion
  • Respect the process
  • Adherence

There are many different diets, there’s always the question of what the principles and methods are and how those impact the fundamentals

  • Long-term approach
  • What’s the best diet: principles & methods
  • Sustainable diet vs sustainable results
  • CICO argument spectrums

Learn everything you need to know about individual responses to dieting and how you can adjust for these both yourself and your clients.

  • Nuances of energy balance
  • Genetic variation & nutrition

Learn what the fundamental principles for long-term success are and how to incorporate these factors for optimal lifelong succeed.

  • Factors driving energy imbalance
  • Food motivation vs. hunger
  • Impact of lifestyle factors
  • Determining factors of long-term success

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Top event! Entertaining and interesting, great speakers and nice atmosphere! Next year again 


Till Schmidt


Loved the event! Everything from the great speakers and on-point topics to connecting with like-minded people. Definitely coming back next year!


Marius Rygg


HPC is a great place for learning more about training, diet, lifestyle, business, etc. All of it evidence based abd told by true knowledge lords. Want better results with clients and yourself, HPC is a must go!


Bram Declercq

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